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Db2 JDBC Driver Versions

What version of the Db2 JDBC driver are applications using? Many times driver versions lag behind database upgrades and for the most part work okay. However with 9.7 and 10.1 out of support, and if you have upgraded recently, you will want to make sure your client drivers are at the appropriate level. You can get this info from application connection details as follows:


and the output shows that the JDBC version 3.0 driver version is at Db2 10.5 FP10

and use this link to determine what level driver is being used.



IDUG EMEA 20-24 Oct 19

#Db2 #IBMChampion. Check out our booth and get a t-shirt at IDUG EMEA in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Oct 20-24, 2019 My session is on Db2 SQL Coding Best Practices. Real world client examples will be presented and analyzed. SQL predicate Analysis and index design will be presented via Db2 explain facility. Learn how to identify suboptimal SQL and review and explain and develop a solution. You will learn a few different techniques to identify capture and tune high cost SQL. Predicate review and index redesign will be discussed.

All You Need to Know About Db2 11.5, The AI Database

My friend and Principal Offering Manager for Db2, @IBM_lindJon,  Jon Lind has a nice article on the new AI capabilities in the newly announced and available for download Db2 11.5, The AI Database. Check it out!

Db2 11.5, The Hybrid Data Management and AI Database

Recently announced and available for download this week is Db2 11.5, packed with improvements to take advantage of AI and Cloud. Db2 11.5 the AI and Cloud database.

Db2 11.5 !


Db2 10.5 End of Support

Just want to remind everyone that 10.5 end of support is April 2020. I know there are a lot of you still on 10.5 so now is the time to plan your upgrade strategy and timeline!

Questions on Data Server Manager and Db2 Edition?

Data Server Manager or DSM has come a long way and is now the tool of choice for many companies for managing Db2. I get a lot of questions on how to get it and what Db2 editions are supported. Check out Peter Kohlman’s info here and you should find what you need.

Db2 Version and OS Requirements

I have lots of clients running Db2 on Windows Server 2008 R2… End of Service for Windows 2008 R2 is 1/14/2020. Db2 11.1 and above requires Windows 2012 Standard Edition or above so if you are running a Db2 10.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 you should be making plans to upgrade to Db2 11.1 and Windows Servers 2012 Standard Edition or preferably Windows Servers 2016 Standard Edition.. Get the details for all of this at the below links:

Db2 —

Windows —