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DB2 is now Db2…..Read about it here….

DB2 is now Db2….find out about the rebranding here….Db2


Some Quick Tips for DB2 for z/OS DBAs

Before I became an expert on DB2 LUW I was a DB2 for z/OS Database Administrator and DB2 systems programmer. I see lots of questions lately from current DB2 for z/OS DBAs picking up responsibility for a DB2 LUW installation and they ask where they should start, that because it is on LUW they must do something different. Well it is really quite simple,  all the things that are important on the mainframe DB2 are as important on DB2 LUW. Things like reorgs, backups, monitoring, SQL tuning, support of application developers, etc are the same, just how you do it on DB2 LUW might be different. So it is easy to learn how to do a reorg, how to determine if a reorg is required, what type of backup to use, and how to monitor SQL, just the interfaces are different but all the things that must be done on z/OS must be done on LUW. After you learn the way to do these things on LUW then and only then start to learn about the LUW Operating Systems and the various scripting languages you might need. Lots of folks get a mental block about UNIX or Linux and can’t see the forest because of the trees…..So, in closing, learn how to do all the DB2 important things on DB2 LUW then worry about learning UNIX or Linux.


I’ve been seeing a lot of questions in various forums regarding the operations of HADR. The best source for info is the HADR wiki on Developer works at!/wiki/DB2HADR/page/HADR%20Tutorial

IBM Extends Support for DB2 9.7 and 10.1 Customers!

This is good news for the DB2 9.7 install base which is extensive….See the details at

For Android users, beware….

Phone apps using microphone to track whereabouts for ad targeting….

So You Think You Can Secure your Phone using a Fingerprint?

Interesting article on use of partial prints and how researchers have been able to develop a print that works by analyzing thousands of fingerprints and then through analysis develop one that works…..Check it out here:


Compelling Reason to Upgrade to DB2 11.1

Prior to DB2 11.1, if running HADR, the standby database was required to be reinitialized with a backup from the primary after the upgrade was done on the primary. With installations running many HADR standby databases this represented a significant outage for the upgrade and unavailability of the standby for a period of time. This was especially troublesome if the standby was being used for ROS. The folks at the lab have done a great job in making the upgrade of the standby as part of the upgrade process in DB2 11.1 and onward. So once on DB2 11.1 you will not need to reinitialize the standby — it will be upgraded as part of the upgrade process!  Read more about this at and visit the DB2 LUW support page at