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Db2 13 for z/OS Function Level and APARS

Check out the below links for the latest on Db2 for z/OS..

Db2 Continues to be Rock Solid

C:\Users\Administrator\GTS_METRICS>db2pd -alldbs -hadr

Database Member 0 — Database XXXXXXXX — Active — Up 989 days 01:35:48 — Date 2022-11-18-

                        HADR_ROLE = PRIMARY
                      REPLAY_TYPE = PHYSICAL
                    HADR_SYNCMODE = SUPERASYNC
                       STANDBY_ID = 1
                    LOG_STREAM_ID = 0
                       HADR_STATE = REMOTE_CATCHUP
                       HADR_FLAGS =
              PRIMARY_MEMBER_HOST =
                 PRIMARY_INSTANCE = XXX
                   PRIMARY_MEMBER = 0
              STANDBY_MEMBER_HOST =
                 STANDBY_INSTANCE = XXX
                   STANDBY_MEMBER = 0
         HADR_CONNECT_STATUS_TIME = 10/29/2022 14:51:25.842500 (1667069485)
      HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL(seconds) = 30
                 HEARTBEAT_MISSED = 2
               HEARTBEAT_EXPECTED = 146013918
            HADR_TIMEOUT(seconds) = 120
    TIME_SINCE_LAST_RECV(seconds) = 27
         PEER_WAIT_LIMIT(seconds) = 0
       LOG_HADR_WAIT_CUR(seconds) = 0.000
LOG_HADR_WAIT_RECENT_AVG(seconds) = 0.000000

PRIMARY_LOG_FILE,PAGE,POS = S0793409.LOG, 23758, 135762673334534
STANDBY_LOG_FILE,PAGE,POS = S0793409.LOG, 23184, 135762670997601
HADR_LOG_GAP(bytes) = 3018
STANDBY_REPLAY_LOG_FILE,PAGE,POS = S0793409.LOG, 23184, 135762670997601
PRIMARY_LOG_TIME = 11/18/2022 09:43:53.000000 (1668782633)
STANDBY_LOG_TIME = 11/18/2022 09:43:25.000000 (1668782605)
STANDBY_REPLAY_LOG_TIME = 11/18/2022 09:43:25.000000 (1668782605)
STANDBY_SPOOL_LIMIT(pages) = 18750000
PEER_WINDOW(seconds) = 0

DB2 12 for z/OS Function level and APARS

New APARs are out for DB2 12 function levels. You can get information on them at the following links:

Db2 11.5.8 Announced

Get the details here

Running Db2 on Oracle Linux is not supported

Recently I had a client that was running on an old version of a free version of RedHat Linux which became Oracle Linux at some point. I got involved when they wanted to upgrade to Db2 11.5.7. Client purchased and installed RedHat Enterprise Linux and ported the database to it and we were able to successfully upgrade from Db2 11.1 to 11.5.7 in the new RHEL 8 environment with no problems noted. Although Db2 11.1 ran fine on Oracle Linux it is not supported…..

Data Management Console 3.1.7 is now available

This release contains enhancements to SQL tuning, job scheduling and monitoring. By using Data Management Console, combined with all the other built-in monitoring capabilities of Db2 11.x.x, DBAs and developers have an arsenal of tools at their disposal to develop, tune and deploy SQL and then monitor performance with historical capability. The ability “to go back in time” and see what was running, at a particular time is a “combat multiplier”.

Db2 11.1 End of Support

As we end the year and get ready to begin a new year, now is a good time to plan for the upgrade of any 11.1 installations you have. Get working on that upgrade project plan and checklist. See the withdrawal announcement here:

db2detaildeadlock Event Monitor

This default deadlock event monitor has been deprecated for quite some time, since at least Db2 9.7. However, most places I run into still have it defined and it is running but many times its output is not used or it is still being used instead of the new LOCKING event monitor that took it’s place. To see how to create the new LOCKING event monitor, drop the old db2detaildeadlock and format the new event monitor data, refer to this link: If Db2 was installed correctly and the DB2 Java is installed, you shouldn’t have any problem compiling and using the program. Follow this link on how to set it up

Achieving High Availability with HADR

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions on HADR so I updated my presentation a bit and uploaded to the presentations page.

Success Stories

For the last 19 years Gunning Technology Solutions, LLC has been providing a myriad of services for Db2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows…This year with COVID and it’s impact on the workforce we have been extremely busy helping clients succeed with Db2. We have a very large financial services client for 15 years running that continues to meet business objectives running Db2 on a large Windows Server, running over 10 billion transactions a year with zero downtime in an HADR environment with Reads-On-Standby.

Another client uses Db2 to store analytical data regarding Wi-Fi quality of service data for large hospitals and financial services companies. A plethora of analytics are provided to the clients to understand and review all aspects of there wireless network infrastructure. We have done lots of SQL tuning, index redesign, Db2 configuration updates and improved their ability to purge obsolete data using Db2 Stored Procedures and referential integrity with cascade deletes. We also right-sized there Db2 versions which were a mixture of Db2 Express-C, Db2 Express and DB2 Workgroup Server Edition.

We have a client that is very large in the music business, offering sheet music worldwide. This offering uses Db2 on Linux RedHat to provide clients with access to music products worldwide. Most of our work here has been upgrading to a supported release of Db2, firefighting (tuning problematic SQL) in real-time, and educating the client support personnel on Db2 operations and support. We provide support on a retainer basis for this client.

Another client uses Db2 on AIX as there platform of choice for Healthcare benefits enrollment. This client has in-house servers and also installed software clients on premises. Major work here has been providing 24×7 support for the production environment which consists of Power9 servers running AIX 7.2 with many LPARS. We’ve tuned SQL, conducted extensive index redesign, fixed DB2 configuration problems, automated reorgs for only those objects that need it and continue to provide Db2 database administration support for production.

So this year we haven’t been as visible on social media because we are just busy doing Db2. And, all Db2 and Security related conferences which were initially planned for onsite were changed to virtual conferences due to the ongoing COVID issues.

We participated in calls with the IBM Db2 Toronto Lab team, Customer Advisory Councils for both Db2 on LUW and z/OS and other IBM product offerings that are of interest to our clients.

In summary, we continue to help people succeed with Db2!!!