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Windows Operating System Support for Db2 9.7

If you are planning your migration to Db2 11 you need to pay attention to supported Windows levels….

Db2 Operating System Requirements

Moving from 9.7 to 11? Windows 2008 Server not supported. See the requirements per Db2 Version here:

Db2 Snapshot Monitoring Views — Refresher

If you are still relying on snapshots, you  might want to take a look at snapshot monitoring views introduced in Db2 9.7.  Although Db2 9.7 has been out of support for some time, I find there are many companies still working on moving off it to a supported releases. If you are in this boat, use this Developer works article to get you moving to the new monitoring.

Web Interface to Z/OS — Zowe Announced

This is a web interface that was announced at SHARE today. Check it out at  Zowe

POWER9 and E950 and E980 Servers Announced — Announcement and Additional Material

Many businesses run Db2 on AIX POWER and it only gets better with POWER9…Get all you need on the AIX Developer Works blog by Nigel Griffiths, here

Db2 JDBC Driver Versions and Db2 Version Compatibility

This is a topic that gets a lot of questions from time to time and it seems folks have a hard time finding the information. When upgrading your Db2 version or installing a Fixpack you should check for driver fixes and new versions. Also it is a good practice to keep your drivers current, which means having a good test environment where you test the new drivers with your applications, this minimizes risk when upgrading. Here is the link: . For Db2 database version compatibility for 9.7, 10.1 and 10.5 refer to this link:  and for 11.1 here :  Make the Db2 Knowledge Center your friend!

Cost of a Data Breach

You are more likely to have a data breach than getting the flu..checkout the new Cost of a Data Breach…..