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SQL Tuning
Most companies suffer from suboptimal SQL. We have spent 27 yrs tuning SQL! We are experts at tuning SQL on DB2 for LUW. We have saved major corporations millions of dollars simply by tuning SQL. We capture and tune your SQL using DB2 built-in tools. And, we conduct knowledge transfer to your staff. We do this remotely or onsite.

DB2 Security Audit

We provide a comprehensive audit of your DB2 database and your infrastructure by our security credentialed consultants. We ensure your database communications are encrypted along with the data. Port and firewall hardening are evaluated along with DB2 user authorities, roles and authorizations. A comprehensive report of findings and recommendations is provided. Don’t wait to have this audit conducted, 95% of security breaches involve a database backend.

Performance and Tuning Review
We usually conduct this review over a period of three days so we are sure to capture average and peak processing workloads during our review. We then make immediate changes approved by the client. We review DBM and DB CFG parameter settings, determine adequacy of settings, review STMM peformance, review DB2 memory usage, and capture and identify the Top 10 SQL. We also review disk performance and CPU consumption. We provide a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations. This review can be done remotely or onsite.

DB2 Upgrades and Migrations
We do database upgrades and migrations on all platforms (Linux, UNIX, Windows). We layout an upgrade or migration path for you and provide the step by step documentation that we use. We work with your development staff to make sure adequate application testing has been performed on the new release before the migration is conducted. We make sure the migration will work and we make sure your data is protected.

HADR Implementation
We can implement HADR and or TSAMP or MSCS clustering for you. Based on our review of your application and architecture, we will recommend the HADR SYNC mode for your environment. We provide documentation on how to monitor the status and health of the HADR environment. We provide documentation on how to monitor the cluster if we set it up.

For all our services, we provide knowledge transfer to your staff during the process so that you have trained staff upon the completion of our engagement.

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