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Up-Armor your DB2 with DB2 10.5 FP5 Native Encryption

August 11, 2015

DB2 LUW has provided support for SSL for quite some time. But, now new in DB2 10.5 FP5 is DB2 Native Encryption. Native encryption is easy to implement and provides secure local key management that is based on Public Key Cryptography Standard #12 (PKCS#12).  DB2® native encryption encrypts your DB2 database, requires no hardware, software, application, or schema changes, and provides transparent and secure key management. It comes with all DB2 Express-C, DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server, DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server, and DB2 Developer editions. It is available for purchase to add to DB2 Express,  Workgroup Server edition, and Enterprise Server Edition. It is a compelling reason to upgrade to DB2 10.5 FP5, after all isn’t protecting the data, along with integrity of the data, a DB2 DBA prime responsibility?  Look for a presentation here in the near future on securing your database with SSL and DB2 Native Encryption. I’ll be giving this presentation at the Central DB2 DBA Users Group in the fall. Stay tuned! or should I say secure….

For now here is the Knowledge Center link:

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