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How to Identify Unused Indexes the Old Way

January 11, 2016

If you are still on some version of DB2 less than DB2 9.7 FP3 this nice Developer Works article has some good tips on how to identify unused indexes. You can do this using -tcbstats index option and querying syscat.indexes and syscat.tables. The article also has a few neat tips on using DB2 Design Advisor with the package cache option also…Of course if you are on DB2 9.7 FP3 and above you can identify unused indexes by querying syscat.indexes. Even so I always then do a describe detail on the indexes, save the output, and look at tcbstats to verify everything before I drop any. That way you can always recreate them if needed. In this new year of 2016, it is a good time to continue your housekeeping and get rid of unused indexes. It saves resources in terms of space, cpu and reduces utility runtimes!! Get movin’! Here’s the link :

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