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Compelling Reason to Upgrade to DB2 11.1

March 7, 2017

Prior to DB2 11.1, if running HADR, the standby database was required to be reinitialized with a backup from the primary after the upgrade was done on the primary. With installations running many HADR standby databases this represented a significant outage for the upgrade and unavailability of the standby for a period of time. This was especially troublesome if the standby was being used for ROS. The folks at the lab have done a great job in making the upgrade of the standby as part of the upgrade process in DB2 11.1 and onward. So once on DB2 11.1 you will not need to reinitialize the standby — it will be upgraded as part of the upgrade process!  Read more about this at and visit the DB2 LUW support page at


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