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Db2 11.1 Mod 4 Fix Pack 4

March 6, 2019

This fix pack was released on 27 Nov 2018 so it isn’t new but it has some enhancements worth moving to and exploiting. Reads on standby has been improved via reduction in replay window thru a the new  variable DB2_HADR_ROS_AVOID_REPLAY_ONLY_WINDOW.  The DB2_USE_ASYNC_FOR_MIRRORLOG variable can be used to improve mirror logpath performance by enabling log writing in parallel to the active and mirror log path.  The performance of online backups can be improved by using the new DB2_REDUCE_FLUSHING_DURING_BACKUP registry variable by reducing the amount of changed pages that have to be flushed from the bufferpool at online backup startup.

There are a bunch more of improvements, get all the details here:

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