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SMS Tablespaces Deprecated

October 28, 2020

SMS tablespaces have been deprecated for serveral releases. There isn’t a straight forward way to convert these to Automatic Storage Management tablespaces. A fast, reliable way to do this is to create an ASM Tablespace to replace the SMS tablespace, extract the DDL for the table to be moved using db2look, create the new table with a different name in the new tablespace and then use LOAD FROM CURSOR to load the table data into the new table. Upon completion, and verification of row counts from old to new, rename the old to old, and rename the new one to the old name. This method using load from cursor has been around since at least V8.2 of Db2 LUW. So get movin’ before it is too late. The above method can also be used to “rescue” an SMS tablespace that has run out of space..

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