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State of Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows for end of year 2022

December 17, 2022

This post is based on my perspective with over 25 years of experience with Db2 LUW. First, I still have clients continuously running Db2 for over 17 years that I have continuously supported for all those years. What kind of industries do you see using Db2 on Linux, UNIX and Windows? As previously stated, a client of mine has been running Db2 on Windows for over 17 years in a high volume OLTP environment with HADR and reads on standby. Also, a client is using Db2 to store and analyze WIFI performance data on RedHat Linux. Another client on RedHat Linux uses Db2 as their frontend for their Web Commerce portal with HADR. And finally, a client uses Db2 on many AIX servers for their health benefits and Medicare processing application with some on-prem and some in the cloud (SAAS). Some are still running Db2 10.5 and 11.1, while some have recently upgraded to 11.5.7. In my opinion, whether using Db2 on-prem or in-cloud, Db2 has an offering for you and is going strong. Oh, and the most interesting use of Db2 that I was involved in over the last 25 years was a small gold mine in Ontario using Db2 in their mining process!

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